An Industry

ClearVet™ has redefined the veterinary digital radiography experience. You spoke and we listened. Veterinarians demanded a better digital buying experience, support, and overall value.

The ClearVet™ Total System Accountability approach coupled with its ground breaking line of digital radiography platform allows veterinarians to choose the technology they want with complete peace of mind. When you decide to partner with ClearVet™ you have the security that service and support will come from a single source. When you need help, you get it. No excuses, No finger pointing. Total System Accountability is better service and on-time support.

Get straight answers to help you choose the system that’s best for your facility, your staff, and your workflow.

ClearVet™ has changed the rules. But don’t believe us. Ask our customers.

Why We're

ClearVet™… ONE Company, offering all digital radiography modalities:

CR – Computed Radiography
DR – Direct Radiography
Flat Panel – Direct Radiography
Digital Dental Radiography

ClearVet™ is… Total System Accountability.

"We understand the importance of the investment you’re about to make in the success of your practice. You can trust our exclusive line of systems and our team, both before and after the sale.

-Matt Adkins, Sales Manager, N. America


  • “Working with ClearVet™ to buy my digital system has been one of the best business decisions I've made in my 35-year career. Our clients, technicians and patients are now more satisfied with the diagnostics we make available.“
    D. Holterman, DVM - KS